Osmey is a freelance Cuban-Canadian photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He started his career in the wonderful world of photography in early 2016. Photography has always been his passion, so it is a perfect way of expression for his great creativity. He loves capturing everything: nature, animals, people, architecture, moments, feelings and emotions. His camera and photographic skills give him the chance to take and make great photos.

He is a great learner; he always improves his skills in the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images.

Artist's Statement

My mission is to create timeless memories in every way possible with my photography by capturing reality artistically. My commitment is to be dedicated to creativity, superior quality, exceptional, meaningful and stunning images. For photographs, I get inspired by feelings and emotions. My collection shows a beautiful world which is full of wonders. Indeed, I want images to bring about positive emotions, and allow the viewer to relive past events, as well as imagine new ones.

Every photograph I create is a unique celebration as I continue to grow and evolve as a photographer. I aspire to touch and enhance the lives of millions of viewers worldwide through imagery.